Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Time Flying By

I'm so sorry I've been MIA lately, readers.  I have not given up sugar, I swear!

There have been unexpected events in the family and I've been kept out of the Sweet Teeth kitchen too long. 

I will be making up for it, though, as I'll be attending Wendy Kromer's course on Marzipan:

Photo: Wendy Kromer

I have been dying to do this class under her instruction!  If you think you can swing Sandusky, Ohio for a day and are interested, check this out HERE.  Register, you won't be sorry!  Sandusky is a beautiful historic town with such charm.  If you're not within driving distance it would be a great overnight trip, with lots of places to stay, and super summer fun within driving distance.  It's such a hot spot, THE President will be there today! 

I'm hard at work and will be back soon to share goodies to keep summer sweet!

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  1. Wow! Beautiful marzipan fruit! Can't wait to see your handiwork. I know it will be amazing. I'd love to learn that skill.

    I laughed when I saw you've been "MIA" - I almost used that same sentence in my recent post.



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