Monday, July 9, 2012

Birthday Scoop

This is not my usual post, but I wanted so much to share the creation for my daughter's third birthday:

We All Scream...

This was a super simple and fun idea I saw on Pinterest.  Whip up your favorite batch of cupcakes, have buttercream standing by and voila!

I so wanted to make one big tall cone with 20-something scoops all stacked, but alas there was no refrigerated storage device able to hold something that big.  And it was nearly 100 degrees, so...

I sliced a bit off the back of the cone so it would lie flat, and secured it to my platter with buttercream.  I also secured the three "scoops" of cupcake with buttercream and then frosted them and added a little sprinkle-bling.  The cherry is real. 

When I showed my daughter the platter, she went running through the kitchen saying, "I'm SO HAPPY!"  The rewards of forgoing the local Cupcake Shop this year and doing this myself are immeasurable.

My Crafty Sister "bling-ed" these out for me!
I attempted to coordinate my icing colors with the ice cream flavors served at her party: mint chocolate chip, strawberry, and chocolate peanut-butter swirl.

We had a little sundae bar set up with toppings, whipped cream, cherries, and loads of sprinkles to choose from.  I only wish I had taken more photos of the adorable folded paper sprinkle holders my sister created for us!

These are the years she'll be remembering.  As will I.


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  1. How completely adorable! Your daughter looks delighted!


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