Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Birthdays & Butterflies

My daughter turned five a few days ago.  When I gave her the choice of what kind of dessert she'd like, she said she wanted to think on it.  We found ourselves in the grocery store one day, and she spied a boxed "pink lemonade" cake mix on a shelf.  She emphatically declared that was her choice, but that she wanted "fairy cupcakes" for her friends party, AND she wanted a two-layer cake for her family party the following day.

I had other ideas prior to this, ideas that were more time involved and crafty.  But, she is five now, and it's the first year she really had a specific request like this, so...

We used the box mix, I made the buttercream from scratch (thanks, SprinkleBakes, that American Buttercream is a dream in a piping bag!) and I found some lovely edible butterflies to raise the bar.

I think my daughter gave me a gift on her birthday - the little voice of practicality reminding me that it's ok to take a shortcut, and that a shortcut doesn't mean lazy or boring.  Shortcuts can allow you more creativity time, time to make that box mix beautiful. 

Someday she may ask for a more complicated birthday dessert, and I'll be ready.  But she loved these and everyone else did, too!