Monday, November 26, 2012

Tis The Season!

This is "it" - the decorating of the house officially starts my holiday baking dreams.  I know I can't possible make everything I imagine, but oh the JOY of imagining!

This little vintage Santa usually winds up on the basement bar each year, but I swiped him for the kitchen to stand guard over my KitchenAid & Recipe Box.  Somehow his warm glow is inspiring visions of goodies the likes of which I could not possibly pull off even if I stayed up day and night. 

I think I'll be starting off with my traditionals and see what I can do from there.  Speaking of traditionals...what about YOU?  Are there holiday sweets that you enjoy every year?  The ones that just top off your season?  I REALLY want to know - what kind of goodies are traditional in your family?

Please share!  Tis the Season!  Comment on this post with your favorites and spread the Sweet Joy!

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