Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Practice: Marzipan for Slovakia

When my husbands parents saw the marzipan creations I made in Wendy's class, they asked if I could make up a dozen or so to take along with them on an upcoming trip to Europe.

I initially thought that these were headed for Germany, but learned that they are actually traveling to Slovakia as gifts for cousins Jozef and Maria.  I enlisted my sister for help, and together we crafted a dozen lovely little fruits destined for a trip overseas.

I think that I'm addicted to this happy little confection.  I've attempted a strawberry, but it needs work.  One thing is for sure, after modeling these fruits I have a sincere and awestruck appreciation for what nature appears to create so easily.  This may be my new favorite way of slowing down and appreciating the blush of a pear where it hung kissed by the sun, the shocking color and texture of a lemon's skin, and the dimpled crease that every stonefruit shamefully flaunts.

I am pouring over ways to package these pretties for travel overseas so they arrive to Jozef and Maria intact, reflecting all of the love and attention were put into their creation.

In the meantime, I'm giddy with visions of filled fruits for the upcoming autumn season - pumpkins, acorns, maple leaves, itty bitty mushrooms...stay tuned!

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